The owner of TruDYNASTY have been in the business of custom costume designs for many years. In 2009 they designed two top selling costumes in Louis Saldenah’s band – Fantasy in Jewels and Pacific Paradise. For several years prior to 2009, they had designed costumes  in Marlon Singh’s Callalloo band which started the ball of success. Through their continued success, the love of their fans and the encouragement of other band leaders, encouraged them to launch their own DYNASTY – hence the name TruDYNASTY Carnival Inc. band.

Owner and designer, Thea Jackson, has played Mas (participated as a masquerader) since she was nine years old and has been building carnival costumes for over 16 years and designing for 9 years. Thea’s designs are breathtakingly stunning! Her designs accentuate the female form catering and women of all sizes. She designs to “make masqueraders feel beautiful in what they are wearing. I want them to look at the costume and, when putting it on, feel like they are stepping into a fantasy.” Thea’s blend of creativity, distinct style and magnetic personality stands out and she always goes above and beyond to satisfy the customer. Thea's unique ideas have lead to setting new trends in costume designs that can be seen in various carnivals.


TruDYNASTY is a participant in Toronto Caribbean Carnival Parade and Atlanta Carnival. They also organize trips to Carnivals worldwide  for those who have the carnival bug year round.


TruDYNASTY Carnival has  worked with notable Mas band leaders and Corporate companies over the years and have mastered the science of satisfying costumers needs. They use their experience to bring clients the best customer service and are driven to ensure their clients goals are achieved beyond expectation.


“ I want them to look at the costume and, when putting it on, feel like they are stepping into a fantasy.”

Our Story

 Making people happy through great costumer servies has been TruDYNASTY's goal!

Our Vision

Our vision is to produce exceptional  one of a kind custom made costumes and over exceed costumers stander of satifaction.   Weither we are doing a private, corpoorate or public function our events are where magic happens and memories are created.


​TruDYNASTY is a full service group that specializes in anything to do with costumes and carnival.  Designs, costume making, costume rentals, model appearances, carnival trips and more.  Give us a call and we will do our best to satisfy your needs all within your budget.



Thea Jackson  

T: 647 883 9033


Mailing Address:  1 Yonge Street

Suite 1801

Toronto, Ontario

M5E 1W7

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